Statement of the Nordic Bishops’ Conference about the Corona Virus

Birt 12.03.20 í Fréttir og tilkynningar

Statement of the Nordic Bishops’ Conference about the Corona Virus

Dear Faithful,



      Within a few days, the corona epidemic has also increased dramatically in our countries. The civil authorities have ordered very radical measures. We, the Bishops rely on the recommendations and ordinances of the civil authorities in the respective countries of our Bishops’ Conference and will issue the appropriate guidelines, in particular for the public worship and assembly life in our Dioceses, and supplement them as required.

     In addition to the necessary pragmatic precautions for purely health reasons, many additional concerns arise as a result of the corona epidemic: From fears about our older people and already ill relatives and acquaintances, insecurity due to the paralysis of communication and businesses with serious consequences for the daily life of countless people, to fear of destabilization of the world society and life in the individual countries.

      In addition, some gloomy to apocalyptic thoughts may arise about the meaning of the current situation. Despite the seriousness of the situation, we should strive to maintain trust in God and in His providence. We are reminded, however, that as human beings we do not have everything under control, cannot control everything, but must realize that we are subject to stronger forces. Daily activities that are taken for granted must be changed or abandoned, and much that has been possible up to now has to be dispensed with entirely. The coming weeks, maybe even months, will be a testing time, but should not lead to hopelessness and desperation.

The current situation can also lead to the fact that Eucharistic celebrations and other services have to be cancelled. It should be emphasized that in this case, absence from Sunday service is not a sin. Nevertheless, many believers will sorely miss the reception of the Eucharist. But there is the possibility of so-called spiritual communion, which we strongly recommend to all believers. Spiritual communion means confessing faith in Christ’s presence in the Eucharist and expressing the longing to be united with Him in prayer.

Let’s include the current challenges in our Lenten exercises. Let us try to help those who are particularly affected by the consequences of the corona epidemic and renew our trust in God through strengthened prayer and greater zeal to let our lives be shaped by him.

Lord Jesus Christ, send your Holy Spirit over our world affected by the Corona virus. Heal in your mercy those who are sick, protect us from infection and strengthen those who care for the sick. Help us all to convert and trust in you. Amen.

Holy Mary, salvation of the sick, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saint Ansgar, pray for us.

Saint Birgitta, pray for us.

Saint Heinrich, pray for us.

Saint Olav, pray for us.

Saint Thorlak, pray for us.

All the Nordic Saints, pray for us.

All Angels and Saints of God, pray for us.


A possible prayer for spiritual communion comes from Father Pio:

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the Sacrament of the Altar. I love you above all things and my soul yearns for you. Since I cannot receive you now in the Blessed Sacrament, at least come to me spiritually. I embrace you as if you were already with me and unite me with you! I adore you with my deepest respect. Don’t let me ever part with you. Amen.